Dr Natalie Matosin

IHMRI researcher recognised for early career achievements

IHMRI researcher and NHMRC Research Fellow (CJ Martin) Dr Natalie Matosin has received a 2019 NSW Tall Poppy Science Award. 

Dr Matosin was presented with the award at a ceremony at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney on 14 August. 

A neuroscientist with research interests in mental health, Dr Matosin investigates the impact of stress and trauma that leads to mental illness. 

Mental illnesses including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety affect one in five Australians at some point in their life. 

“Most of us carry the risk genes for mental illness but only some will develop the disorders,” said Dr Matosin. Research indicates that being exposed to extremely stressful experiences is a leading risk factor. 

“My research aims to uncover how stress gets under the skin by analysing the molecular makeup of biological samples like blood or saliva from people living with mental illness, or the brains of those who have now passed but who had very stressful lives”.

This research aims to find new treatment avenues to improve quality of life for people living with mental illness. 

“I am also interested in how stress is biologically transmitted from parent to child,” said Dr Matosin. 

“From this research I am developing a framework to identify the people who would benefit from early intervention and treatment,” she added. 

Career highlights:

  • 28 publications in pre-eminent journals in biological psychiatry.
  • Competitive funding success from national and international agencies.
  • High citation recognition.
  • Named one of Forbes 2017 “30 Under 30”.
  • Holds a position on the Editorial Board of PLOS One.
  • Mentors through the international program “1000 Futures Program”.
  • Published articles through The Conversation and The Guardian.
  • Named Global “Impact Maker by UOW.
  • Named one of Women’s Agenda’s “Top 15 Australian Graduates to Watch”.
  • Membership to the National Geographic Women of Impact closed community for women who are breaking barriers and changing their communities. 

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Media coverage

The Illawarra Mercury

16 August 2019: IHMRI researcher Dr Natalie Matosin wins 2019 NSW Tall Poppy Science Award

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Top photo: Dr Natalie Matosin. Photo by Rick Gates Photography.

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