Including a charity in your Will

By donating to medical research you can leave a long lasting gift that goes on to help generations to come. Your gift can go on to save lives, it will bring about important change in the way we treat disease and help us build knowledge around better ways to live healthy lives.  


Leaving a gift in your Will is one way to create long lasting change for our region’s most vulnerable whilst leaving a legacy within your community. We encourage you to think about this special form of giving and to discuss these wishes with your family. You can choose how to donate your gift, whether that be leaving a donation or whole or part of your estate. You may direct your gift to an area of research or IHMRI as a whole, which is something we can discuss with you in more detail. It’s important that you advise IHMRI of your intentions so that we can work together to ensure your wishes can be met. If you are unsure how to leave a gift in your Will, we encourage you to consider the following process:

  • Most importantly, speak with your family and friends about your wishes
  • Liaise with your solicitor for legal advice and guidance
  • Draw up your Will and outline how you would like to support IHMRI
  • Advise your family and friends of your decision
  • Let IHMRI know your intentions

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