IHMRI affiliation

Theme:Mental health and the ageing brain
Level:IHMRI Senior Fellow

Research focus

Senior Professor Brin Grenyer is the Director of Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders, focusing on personality disorders, mental health, psychotherapy and psychological treatments.

Research projects

Publications and funding

Other roles

  • Foundation Chair of the Psychology Board of Australia
  • Editorial Boards of Psychotherapy Research and Personality and Mental Health
  • Clinical Psychologist, Northfields Psychology Clinic

IHMRI research team

Research fellows

Rachel Bailey E: rbailey@uow.edu.au
Adam Finch E: afinch@uow.edu.au
Michelle Townsend E: mtownsen@uow.edu.au
Charlotte Van Schie E: cvschie@uow.edu.au
Mahlie Jewell E: ajewell@uow.edu.au

PhD candidates

Caitlin Miller Evidence-Based Practice for Borderline Personality Disorder: A Clinical-Quantitative Research Project into the Self and Psychosocial Function
Nicholas Day Testing Interpersonal Model of Narcissism, a Study of Patients and their Family
Jane Woodbridge Who are we leaving behind? An investigation of non-response among consumers of Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment.
Kayla Steele Stemming the Tide of Personality Disorders Across Families: Evaluation of a Parenting Intervention to Modify the Risk for the Transgenerational Transmission of Attachment Trauma
Karlen Barr Evaluation of a peer-led group treatment of borderline personality disorder: Increasing trust and engagement through peer support
Emily Matthews Autobiographical memory as a window into the internal world of individuals with borderline personality disorder: Understanding the role of personal agency
Natasha-Lee Bussoletti The Role of Personality Pathology in Sexual Victimisation: The Aftermath of Childhood Trauma
Philip Horton Who am I? Understanding the self and self-structure in psychodynamic psychotherapy
Talia Alyssa Hashworth Personality Disorders, Likelihood of Sexual Offending, and Diagnostic Manifestations: A Three-Part Dissertation Study
Xinyu Qian Borderline Personality Disorder in Males: A study of Gender Differences and Implications for Improving Treatment Outcomes
Katrina Chapman Evaluation of an inpatient clinic for borderline personality disorder.