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Theme:Chronic conditions and lifestyle

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  • Australian Association of Gerontology

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  • International Editor and Reviewer of Dementia: International Journal of Social Research & Practice
  • International Editor of International Journal Older People Nursing

IHMRI research team

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PhD candidates

Cheryl Davenport What is the meaning of a Psychiatric Service Dog (mindDog) for a person with lived experience of enduring mental illness
Alera Bowden "In My Shoes": Investigating the Empathy Levels of Staff towards Older Patients through Participation in an Age Simulation Educational Initiative
Mu-Hsing Ho Strategies to Improve Critical Care Nurses' Knowledge and Clinical Skills for Recognition and Management of Delirium
Amy Montgomery The Value of Nursing Interventions on Delirium Management
Miriam Coyle Improving the Experience of Older People in Hospital who have Cognitive Impairment: Who should deliver 'Special Observation'?
Vanathy David An Innovative Approach to Minimise Falls and Falls Related Injuries by Implementation of a Reflective Model Aimed at the Staff and the Patients in Acute Care Facility
Nadine Veerhuis Barriers and Facilitators in Decisions about Maintaining or Retiring from Driving for Adults aged 65 and over