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Theme:Chronic conditions and lifestyle
Level:IHMRI Senior Fellow

Research focus

Professor Andrew Bonney is a general practitioner on the South Coast of NSW and Roberta Williams Chair of General Practice in the School of Medicine. 

Andrew’s goal is to foster quality, equity and sustainability in primary care through education and research, with a focus on regional and rural Australia.

He is Director of the Illawarra and Southern Practice Research Network within the School of Medicine

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Other roles

  • Director, Illawarra and Southern Practice Research Network

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Dr Christine Metusela E: metusela@uow.edu.au P: 4221 5246

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Alyssa Horgan - Research Officer E: amunkman@uow.edu.au P: 4221 5819

PhD candidates

Renin Melkias Baby Toms Cardiometabolic risk factor's epidemiology
Rebekah Hoffman Motherhood and Medicine
Adam J Hodgkins Electronic health records for primary care longitudinal research