IHMRI affiliation

Theme:Mental health and the ageing brain

Research focus

  • Person-centred practice
  • Older people
  • Nursing

Kelly Marriott-Statham is seeking to explore how a care environment influences an older person’s ability to participate in shared decision making, and how nurses who practice within a person-centred context enable older people to participate in shared decision making. 

Publications and funding

  • Rennie, K. and Marriott-Statham, K., 2019, ‘Early career researchers in aged care: international connection and support’, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal, July- September 2019, pp 50-51
  • Pratt, H., Mackay, M., Green, C., Woodhouse, G and Marriott-Statham, K., 2019, ‘Courageous Collaboration in co-constructing learning and teaching resources’, International Practice Development Journal, vol. 9, no. 1
  • Marriott-Statham, K., Mackay, M., Brennan, N. and Mackay, J., 2018, ‘Empowering aged care nurses to deliver person-centred care: Enabling nurses to shine’, Nurse Education in Practice, vol. 31, pp. 112-117
  • Marriott-Statham, K., 2017, ‘A critical reflection on the use of a pop quiz: how a care home is building a person-centred culture by understanding a person’s uniqueness’, International Practice Development Journal, vol. 7, no. 1. 


  • Centre for Person-centred Practice Research, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK

Other roles

  • PhD candidate at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK. Thesis title: ‘The care environment and enabling an older person to participate in shared decision making: engagement in residential care through person-centredness’