IHMRI affiliation

Theme:Mental health and the ageing brain

Research focus

The overall aim of the Green lab is to improve the pharmacological treatment of psychiatric and cognitive illness. Example projects:
– Bioactive plant-based compounds from cannabis, herbs and fruits to improve cognitive deficits, depression, anxiety, psychosis and cardiovascular health
– The role of gut bacteria (microbiota) in cognitive function, mental illness and substance abuse disorders
– Preventing obesity and diabetes side-effects of antipsychotics and improving cognition using a protein from venomous saliva of the Glia monster lizard
Dr Green is passionate about bridging the gap between medical science and industry (eg horticulture and pharmaceutical) to develop the best medicines that translate to improved health outcomes.

Publications and funding

IHMRI research team

Research assistants

Dr Jiahua Shi E: jiahua@uow.edu.au

PhD candidates

Carlos Jiminez Naranjo he effect of different beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant on psychotic and cognitive behaviours and the underlying mechanisms
Helen Clunas Efficacy Investigation of Terpenes and Cannabidiol in a Rodent Model of Depression
Naomi May Harnessing the power of plants: Using phytochemicals on cognition, anxiety and depression as well as underlying mechanisms

Masters students

Mayank Nair Investigating the Relationship Between the Human Microbiome and Cognitive Function