IHMRI affiliation

Theme:Chronic conditions and lifestyle

Research focus

  • Clinical epidemiological research (currently completing a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Sydney)
  • Pharmaceutical trials research involving the renal unit in ISLHD
  • Collaborating with UOW on epidemiological studies for chronic kidney disease

Publications and funding

  • Murali KM, Mullan J, Roodenrys S, Cheikh Hassan H, Lambert K, Lonergan M. Strategies to improve dietary, fluid, dialysis or medication adherence in patients with end stage kidney disease: A systematic review of randomised intervention
    trials. Approved for publication Jan 2019- Plos One
  • Chen T, Cheikh Hassan H, Qian P, Vu M, Makris A. High-Sensitivity Troponin T and C-Reactive Protein Have Different Prognostic Values in Hemo- and Peritoneal Dialysis Populations: A Cohort Study. Journal of American Heart Association 2018; 7(5); doi: 10.1161/JAHA 117.007876
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  • Cheikh Hassan H, Cullen IM, Casey RG, Rogers E. Gynaecomastia: An endocrine manlfestation of Testicular Cancer. The Journal of Andrologia 2008; 40(3): 152-157

Other roles

  • Clinical Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, University of Wollongong