IHMRI affiliation

Theme:Chronic conditions and lifestyle

Research focus

  • Respiratory and sleep medicine
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Thoracic oncology
Research projects

Commercial trial: INS-212 Lung Study, 2015 – 2017

Publications and funding

  • Mackaym S.G., Carney, A.S., Woods, C., Antic, N., McEvoy, R.D., Chia, M., Sands, T., Jones, A., Hobson, J., Robinson, S. (2013) Modified uculoplatophraynogoplasty and coblation channelling of the tongue for obstructive sleep apnoea: a multicentre Australian Trial. Journal of Clin Sleep Med, 9(2): 117-124

Other roles

  • Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Physician, Illawarra Sleep Medicine Centre