IHMRI affiliation

Theme:Mental health and the ageing brain
Role:Affiliated Stakeholder Advisory Panel (ASAP)
Level:IHMRI Senior Fellow

Research focus

  • Metabolism
  • Neuroscience
  • Gut microbiome

Research projects

Publications and funding


  • Australian Neuroscience Society
  • Australian Biological Psychiatry Society
  • Endocrine Society
  • Australian Society for the Study of Obesity
  • North American Association for the Study of Obesity
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee and Convener of the Developmental Neurobiology Panel of the Schizophrenia Research Institute
  • External Advisory Board of AstraZeneca Sweden

IHMRI research team

Research fellows

Dr Yinghua Yu T: +61 2 4298 1955 | E: yinghua@uow.edu.au

Research assistants

Hongqin Wang T: +61 2 4298 1568 | E: hongqin@uow.edu.au

PhD candidates

Peng Zheng The Role of DISC1 on regulating neurite outgrowth through mediating signalling pathway induced by D2/D1 receptor activation in the Prefrontal cortical Neurons
Yuanyi Xie Reversal of obesity and metabolic disorders associated with chronic antipsychotic treatment
Zehra Boz The role of olanzapine-induced autophagy in the hypothalamic energy regulatory pathwsay

Visiting researchers

Associate Professor Qiang Fu
Dr Jingxu Chen