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Theme:Diagnostics and therapeutics

Research focus

Associate Professor Carolyn Dillon is the Academic Program Director for the medicinal chemistry degree and heads an active research team collaborating across Molecular Horizons and IHMRI. Research focuses on the development of arsenic and bismuth complexes that selectively target specific cancers. This involves global patents and collaborations with big pharma.

Publications and funding

IHMRI research team

Research assistants

Judith Carrall T: 61 2 4221 4394 | E: jcarrall@uow.edu.au

PhD candidates

Tara Brown-Oliver Bismuth-NSAIDs as Colorectal Cancer Chemopreventatives
Jacob Lambert Developing Selective Arsenic Anti-Cancer Drugs
Katja de Roo Biological Investigations of Arsenic Peptide Complexes for the Development of Selective Anti-leukemia Drugs
Serafina Crapis Investigations of the Anti-cancer Potential of Bi and Ga Complexes of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Flavonoids.

Honours students

Georgia Lisney