Supporting the next-generation of MND researchers

The Justin Yerbury Travel Scholarships aim to support the next-generation of researchers who are working towards a better future for people living with motor neurone disease (MND).


Research Assistant Clare Watson, Associate Professor Justin Yerbury and PhD candidate Rachelle Balez

Research Assistant Clare Watson, Associate Professor Justin Yerbury and PhD candidate Rachelle Balez

The Travel Scholarships recognise the ongoing contribution and outstanding commitment of Professor Justin Yerbury to MND research.

A leader in his field and mentor to many, Justin has put MND under the microscope, inspiring the Magnified Science Art Exhibition, held in July 2018, which funded these scholarships. View an online gallery of Magnified photography.

The Travel Scholarships can be used for conference registration, flights and accommodation costs of attending the MND Association’s International Symposium on MND/ALS.

The MND Association’s International Symposium on MND/ALS is the largest global gathering of MND/ALS researchers and presents an opportunity for researchers to share their work on an international stage, meet collaborators and keep in touch with advances in their scientific field.

Three scholarships were awarded in 2018 for the 29th International Symposium on MND/ALS (Glasgow, UK). Read the experiences of the recipients.

A further three scholarships will be awarded in 2019 for the 30th International Symposium on MND/ALS (Perth, Australia).

The successful applicant(s) will also have the opportunity to be profiled by Magnified event sponsor Hello Bio.


Abstracts for Symposium close

5 June 2019

 Scholarships applications close  9 August 2019

Scholarships awarded

16 August 2019

Conference registration (30th International Symposium on MND/ALS, Perth, Australia)

Early bird registration closes 27 August 2019:  £400 

Standard registration closes 13 October 2019: £450

MND Association International Symposium on MND/ALS

 4 – 6 December 2019


Applications are open to past and present Honours/Masters/PhD students, research assistants and early-career researchers (ECR) affiliated with IHMRI whose work advances our understanding of MND.

Applications from external researchers who are currently collaborating with IHMRI affiliates on an active project in the field of MND will also be considered.

Preference will be given to applicants who have been accepted to present their research at the International Symposium on MND/ALS, either in the form of an oral or poster presentation.

Honours students and first-year Masters or PhD candidates will also be considered if the scholarship would enable them to attend their first scientific conference.

In alignment with many competitive grant agencies, ECRs are defined as researchers who have completed their PhD in the last five years or clinicians and health professionals with equivalent experience (including Registrars) who are building their research credentials.

Please read the terms and conditions to confirm your eligiblity.


Three scholarship to the value of $2000 will be awarded in mid-August and administered through an IHMRI managed cost centre.

Application process

In your cover letter, please address the following:

  • Briefly outline your current research focus and future research goals;
  • Explain how this scholarship will benefit your research career and how you will endeavour to share your experience with peers and colleagues;
  • Provide receipt of acceptance for oral or poster presentation at International Symposium on MND/ALS, if applicable.

Please email your cover letter (maximum of one page) and CV (maximum of two pages) to IHMRI Research at by COB Friday 9 August 2019 with the subject line: Justin Yerbury MND Travel Scholarship.

Please submit your application as one PDF file.

Term and conditions

Scholarship conditions 

 Part A – Introduction

1. General

a) The Travel Scholarship must be used exclusively for expenses directly related to travel to/from and/or registration for the MND Association’s International Symposium on MND/ALS;

b) By signing these Conditions of Award, the awardee acknowledges that funding will be used in this way and issued by way of reimbursement. 

2. Review of scholarship applications

Applications will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Scientific excellence of the research to be presented;
  • Benefit of the funding to the individual clearly explained i.e. the potential for the travel fund to enhance the applicant’s career prospects and research CV;
  • Potential for applicant to establish new or continue existing collaborations and create tangible research outcomes.

3. Application of conditions

These conditions shall apply to the Travel Scholarships. The awardee shall abide by the conditions contained herein.

4. Definitions

In these conditions, unless the contrary intention appears:

‘The Travel Scholarship’ refers to the inaugural Justin Yerbury Travel Scholarships.

‘Early Career Researcher (ECR)’ means an individual currently undertaking an honours, Masters or PhD degree, or otherwise postdoctoral researchers within 5 years of attaining their PhD. ‘Early Career Researcher (ECR)’ may also refer to research assistants and clinicians within 5 years of receiving their speciality.

        ‘Magnified’ refers the Magnified Science Art Exhibition which funded the Travel Scholarships.

‘The Committee’ refers to the individuals outlined at the start of this Agreement: Magnified co-organisers, Professor Justin Yerbury and an IHMRI representative. The Committee is responsible for the review and award of the Travel Scholarships. The decision of the Committee is final.

‘Conference’ refers to the MND Association’s International Symposium on MND/ALS.

5. Eligibility for Travel Scholarships

a) Applicants can be:

  • currently enrolled in an Honours degree, or 
  • graduate students currently enrolled in a Masters or PhD degree, or
  • postdoctoral researchers within 5 years of receiving their doctorate, or 
  • research clinicians within 5 years of receiving their speciality, or
  • research assistants currently employed at a research institution

b) Applicants must be:

  • currently affiliated with IHMRI, or 
  • an alumnus of IHMRI, or 
  • currently collaborating with researchers affiliated with IHMRI on an active research project in the field of motor neurone disease (MND), and 
  • be undertaking research in the field of MND

Preference will be given to applicants who have been accepted to present their research at the International Symposium on MND/ALS, either in the form of an oral or poster presentation.

Part B – Financial Administration

6. Obligations of the applicant

 In addition to the obligations contained elsewhere in this Agreement, the Applicant undertakes to:

a) apply the Travel Scholarship strictly for the purpose set out in Section 1 of this Agreement and for no other conference or purpose;

b) fund any additional costs associated with attending the Conference;

c) provide a breakdown of all expenditure (together with receipts) arising in connection with attending the Conference within one month of returning from the Conference;

d) submit a 400-800 word blog piece to Magnified for inclusion on the IHMRI webpage, summarising the experience and outcomes of attending the Conference for promotional purposes.

e) agrees to be interviewed, photographed and/or filmed and participate in any follow up media opportunities organised by IHMRI.

7. Time of payment of Travel Scholarship

a) Payment of funds in respect to the Travel Scholarship shall be made upon the terms and conditions and upon receiving proof of travel expenses.

b) Payment will be administered through an IHMRI managed cost centre.

8. Application of Travel Scholarship

 a) Travel funds shall be tenable within Australia.

b) Funding may only be utilised to support costs associated with travel and conference registration for the MND Association’s International Symposium on MND/ALS. The use of funds to attend an alternative conference or satellite meeting may be approved by committee in special circumstances.

c) Funding of up to AUD$2,000.00 dollars will be reimbursed to applicants from Magnified upon receiving proof of purchases/expenses from the applicant.

d) Funds unspent or uncommitted, should the recipient relinquish the Travel Scholarship, shall be returned to Magnified, unless otherwise approved by the committee in special circumstances.

e) Travel funds are intended for the original Travel Scholarship recipient only and may not be used by another scholar/individual.

f) The Committee reserves the right to defer the awarding of Travel Scholarships in the absence of eligible applicants.

9. Certification of expenditure

 a) The applicant is responsible for the expenditure of the Travel Scholarship, and maintaining supporting records of receipts and expenditures.

10. Liability

 a) The parties hereby agree that Magnified liability is limited to the payment of the Travel Scholarship in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and that Magnified shall not incur any further liability in connection with the applicants travel to/from and attendance at the Conference.

11. Termination of Travel Scholarship

 a) The committee exercises its power to terminate a travel scholarship or refrain from reimbursing applicants, if the travel scholarship is not used exclusively as outlined in the scholarship conditions set above.

Part C – Acknowledgement of support

12. Report

 a) As a condition of the Travel Scholarship, applicants will be required to submit a 400-800 word blog piece, summarising the experience and outcomes of attending the conference for promotional purposes;

b) Successful applicants must ensure the Travel Scholarship is acknowledge in all presentations or other printed materials. Such acknowledgment shall include inclusion of the full name of the Travel Scholarship (Justin Yerbury Travel Scholarship) and the Magnified logo.


Magnified organiser

Rachelle Balez



Research Development Administrator

Janine Tehovnik

T: +61 2 4221 8163



Research Development Manager

Dr Richard Brown, PhD MBA

T: +61 2 4221 4240