Skills and training in dementia research

Kindly supported by Mr Richard Miller, the Miller Family Bridget IHMRI Dementia Honours Scholarship provides prospective Honours students with an opportunity to develop skills and training in dementia research in the Illawarra region.

About the Scholarship

The aim of the scholarships is to encourage these students to pursue Higher Degree Research into the diagnosis, cause, treatment and improved care for people suffering from dementia.

IHMRI awards five scholarships annually, worth $3,000 each. 

The Scholarship is administered by UOW’s Office of Advancement. For more details about the selection criteria and application prodecures visit the Miller Family Bridgewater IHMRI Honours Scholarship page.

Previous scholarship recipients

Student / Honours degree

Project title


Brooke Carmody

Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Honours)

Protection of neurite lesions

Distinguished Professor Xu‐Feng Huang

Sarah Higginbottom

Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology (Honours (Dean’s Scholar)

Changes in the expression of heat shock proteins during development

Dr Lezanne Ooi

Professor Heath Ecroyd

Michelle Newbery

Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)

Stressing cells to keep them healthy: Targeting the heat shock response to prevent protein aggregation associated with disease

Professor Heath Ecroyd

Danijela Spremo

Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology (Honours) (Dean’s Scholar)

Targeting transcriptional repressor complexes in neuronal differentiation and to protect neurons from dementia

Dr Lezanne Ooi

Kelly Wray

Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology (Honours)

Using single-molecule techniques to study small heat-shock protein chaperone interactions with aggregate prone a-synuclein

Professor Heath Ecroyd

Distinguished Professor Antoine van Oijen

Student / Honours degree

Project title


Grady Smith
Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology
Advanced (Honours)

The characterisation of induced pluripotent stem cell derived microglia for the
investigation of Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis

Dr Mauricio Castro
Dr Lezanne Ooi

Gabrielle Phillips
Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences

Investigating the changes in sphingolipids and cholesterol esters in Huntington’s

Associate Professor Todd Mitchell
Dr Sarah Hancock
Dr Andrew Jenner

Jarryd Thomson
Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology
Advanced (Honours

Stress-induced trafficking of chaperones from the endoplasmic reticulum to the

Senior Professor Mark Wilson

Mikaila Bloomfield
International Bachelor of Science (Honours

The effect of UBA1 overexpression on the cell system.

Associate Professor Justin Yerbury

Jocelyn Jackson
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

An objective measure of fear in persons with dementia: initial psychometrics

Associate Professor Victoria Traynor
Dr Pippa Burns