This project aims to develop new knowledge through a better understanding of physics interactions of particles in compounds with sub-micron size.

Research on radiosensitisation by sub-micrometre sized nanoparticles (NPs) is hot worldwide because it could treat cancer, but the physical/physico-chemical/biological mechanism of radiosensitisation is unclear because no physical models describe particle interactions at nanometre scale in solid state nanometre sized objects.

This project will develop and evaluate specialised physics models to describe particle interactions in NPs and help optimise nanoparticle technology. It will develop expertise in Australia in physics modelling for nanomedicine and other applications of nanotechnology exposed to radiation (e.g. telecommunications, aviation and space).

Funding body

Australian Research Council

Scheme name

Discovery Project

Years funded

2017 – 2019

Lead institution

University of Wollongong

Project leaders