Kedesh Rehabilitation Services (KRS) has implemented an innovative model of care within the residential rehabilitation program that is focused on tailoring residential care to the unique needs of individuals accessing program, meaning each client entering a RR episode will have a unique case plan agreed length of stay and intensity of supports, both clinical and social provided.

To date this has been achieved by way of reorientating the historic structured residential model & components of the program, and use the strengths, external supports, needs and goals of the client to determine length and intensity of residential episode.

This project aims to assist KRS evaluate the effectiveness of a client centred stepped care approach, both down and up into residential care when required, utilising client strengths and external supports, as well as external support services as the agent to assist in determining length and intensity of residential episode, as opposed to a prescribed fixed service model with minimal inclusion of external support.

Funding body

NSW Health

Scheme name

NGO Evaluation Grants

Years funded

2017 – 2018

Lead institution

Kedesh Rehabilitation Services