Associate Professor Heath Ecroyd. Photo by James Grabowski.

IHMRI researcher reveals the latest knowledge on proteins and brain cells

Parkinson’s disease affects movement and mood in sufferers. Symptoms of the disease include, slowness, muscle rigidity, instability, tremor, depression and anxiety. There is no known cause or cure. 

In the Illawarra, IHMRI researcher Associate Professor Heath Ecroyd has been studying the processes that cause Parkinson’s for the past 10 years.

He looks specifically at how proteins contribute to cell function in the brain as we age.

“Understanding the mechanisms of the disease ultimately helps us to trial different drugs and move a step closer to new treatments,” said Heath Ecroyd.

As with all our IHMRI researchers, Professor Ecroyd is incredibly passionate, talented and hard-working.

Finding answers to what causes Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases is what drives him. 

It’s a very rewarding career he says. 

“Knowing that you are working towards making a difference to someone’s quality of life is very satisfying.”

Being a health and medical researcher is not an easy career path.  Most jobs are only short-term contracts which are funded by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants. 

This is why the Illawarra community plays such an important role in fundraising for research and involvement in clinical trials.  

On Wednesday August 8, Associate Professor Heath Ecroyd addressed the northern Illawarra Parkinson’s support group to talk about his work. The group holds monthly meetings at Corrimal RSL. 

“We are delighted to have Associate Professor Heath Ecroyd at this week’s support meeting. We are hoping to learn a lot and will read up on the latest research to have our questions ready,” said Branch Secretary Ronda MacDougall. 

She added, “We are excited that research into Parkinson’s disease is happening right here in the Illawarra and we hope to continue to support the work at IHMRI.” 

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Top photo: Associate Professor Heath Ecroyd. Photo by James Grabowski.

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