Kayla Steele

IHMRI Research shines new light on BPD

PhD candidate Kayla Steele, who works with IHMRI affiliate, Senior Professor Brin Grenyer from Project Air Strategy, has published a paper on parenting with a personality disorder.

The research found that children who are mistreated, abused or neglected are at higher risk of developing borderline personality disorder (BPD).

“Even though it is hard to change biological or genetic conditions, we can address the way people relate to their children, and that will have a profound impact on the next generation.”

The research involved information from about 120,000 families over four decades.

“The idea of doing this kind of research is so that we can develop parenting interventions for at-risk parents to better protect outcomes for their children.”

“The aim is also to hopefully break that cycle of complex mental health issues” added Ms Steele.

“This research suggests greater emphasis on parenting in clinical practice and to develop parenting interventions for individuals with personality disorder.”

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