Testing new treatments, drugs and devices

IHMRI’s well-equipped Clinical Research and Trials Unit (CRTU) offers facilities and services for a range of clinical research studies and commercial clinical trials.

Our region’s stable and accessible population base, which is set to grow to over 465,172 by 2036 (Wollongong City, Shellharbour City and Shoalhaven City Councils), demographic and economic diversity, and incidence of chronic disease, makes it ideal for population health studies and clinical trials. Read more about our region.

To see the range of equipment and services available visit Assistance with clinical trials. Members of the community who are interested in taking part in clinical trials can read more at Participate in clinical trials.

Current clinical trials

Here is a summary of some of IHMRI’s current clinical trials.

Past clinical trials

  • Asthma medication study—using existing medication in a new way to see if asthma management can be improved
  • Over Active Bladder (OAB)—testing safety and tolerability of a new combination of drugs to improve the symptoms of OAB.
  • COMPOSE—a clinical study to assess the safety and potential efficacy of a compound to improve memory, language and learning in people with Down Syndrome.
  • Obesity study—a placebo-controlled weight loss study of an investigational medication.
  • Osteoarthritis study—assessing the effectiveness of a new drug to relieve pain.
  • Gout study—an evaluation of an investigational drug to see whether, when combined with allopurinol, it reduces high uric acid levels in the blood.
  • Cold sores—testing an investigational mouth wash to reduce duration of cold sore episodes.
  • Shingles vaccine—a long-running trial involving 31,000 people in 18 countries (the vaccine was shown to be 97 per cent successful in protecting older people from shingles, as reported to the New England Journal of Medicine).

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Corporate Services Manager

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Clinical Research Program Coordinator

Julie Ferguson RN

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Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator

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