Senior Technical Office, Clare Atkinson

User-friendly system helps researchers and technical staff

Managing the purchase of consumables in IHMRI laboratories is now more efficient thanks to a new Swift point-of-sale (POS) system.

IHMRI’s Technical Services Team introduced the user-friendly POS system in November to replace an ageing scanner and improve the administration of the store. 

With a new scanner, interface and shelf bar codes, purchasing consumables is now similar to a supermarket self-checkout experience.

“The new POS system features a fast touch screen that allows users to add, delete and amend purchases. We believe this will reduce the incidence of human error in the previous system, which relied on a lot of scanning and handwritten notes,” explains Senior Technical Officer, Clare Atkinson.

With all transactions now linked to a central database, the new Swift POS will also reduce the time the Technical Services Team spend on data management, allowing them to focus on other areas of laboratory management.

Other benefits for researchers include the ability to:

  • produce on-demand purchase reports and set regular purchase reports 
  • set purchase limits on accounts
  • restrict access to accounts


For more information or assistance, email Technical Services Officer Tanya Levchenko, or call 4298 1531.

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