Associate Professor Mario Fernando


Professor Mario (Suresh) Fernando works in UOW's School of Management, Operations & Marketing. His research focus is responsible decision making, leadership and ethics.

Associate Professor Xiaoqi Feng. Photo by Mark Newsham.


Associate Professor Xiaoqi Feng is a NHMRC Career Development Fellow and Founding Co-Director of UOW's Population Wellbeing and Environment Research Lab. Her research interests are children's health and the environment, big data and women's health.

Dr Rebecca Stanley


Dr Rebecca Stanley works at UOW's Early Start Research. Her research focus is on measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviours in children and adolescents, nutrition and energy consumption, as well as school and community-based interventions.

Dr Moira Stephens


Dr Moira Stephens works in UOW's School of Nursing. Her research focus is illness experience, chronicity and chronic disease, cancer and haematology nursing and illness experience, social media and illness experience, teaching and learning, and qualitative research.

Dr Kathryn Weston


Associate Professor Kathryn Weston works in UOW's School of Medicine, focusing on public health, the history of medicine and medical education.

Associate Professor Khin Than Win


Associate Professor Khin Win is Director of UOW's Centre for Persuasive Technology and Society. Her research focus is behaviour change support systems, persuasive technology, consumer health informatics and health information systems.

Professor Andrew Bonney


Professor Andrew Bonney is the Roberta Williams Chair of General Practice in UOW's School of Medicine. He focuses on chronic disease epidemiology. His research team includes PhD candidates Renin Melkias Baby Toms and Ramya Walsan.

Dr Shahnaz Bakand


Dr Shahnaz Bakand works in the School of Health and Society at UOW. Her research interests are toxicology including nanotoxicology, nanosafety, inhalation toxicology and occupational toxicology, biological monitoring and chemical safety, as well as workplace health and safety. Her IHMRI…

Dr Danika Hall


Dr Danika Hall works in UOW's Australian Health Services Research Institute. Her research focus is social marketing for health, community standards in alcohol advertising, consumer perceptions of pharmaceutical advertising in Australia, as well as sun protection.

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