Dr Teresa Treweek


Dr Teresa Treweek works in the School of Medicine at UOW. Her research focuses on protein aggregation, neurodegenerative diseases, heat stress response, as well as protein structure and function.

Dr Susan Thomas


Professor Michael J. Valenzuela works in the Brain & Mind Research Institute, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. His research focus is cell therapy for Alzheimer's disease, dementia prevention and cognition. His IHMRI research team includes Dr Kaylene Jones.

Dr Susan Thomas


Dr Gurdeep Parma is a Staff Specialist in Haemotology at Wollongong Hospital within the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District. His research interests are neurodegenerative diseases, genetic diseases and plasma cell disorders.

Associate Professor Anthony Dosseto. Photo by Paul Jones.


Professor Anthony Dosseto is the founder of the Wollongong Isotope Geochronology Laboratory at UOW. His research interests are isotope geochemistry and metallomics, nephrology and neurodegenerative diseases.

Associate Professor Kosta Konstantinov


Associate Professor Kosta Konstantinov works in the Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials at UOW, focusing on bioceramics, nanomaterials, and theranostic systems for cancer and neurodegenerative treatment. His research team includes PhD candidates Kathrin Bogusz, Malgorazata Zuchora and Dean Cardillo.

Professor Paul Else


Professor Paul Else works in the School of Medicine at UOW, focusing on lipids, membranes and cellular physiology. His research team includes PhD candidate, Nicholas Martin.

Professor Roger Truscott


Professor Roger Truscott is an honorary researcher in UOW's Centre for Medical and Molecular Bioscience. His research focus is age-related eye conditions such as cataract, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Associate Professor Paul Stapley


Professor Paul Stapley is the Controller of UOW's Neural Control of Movement Laboratory. His research focus is balance, posture and movement coordination, dementia, exercise science and rehabilitation.

Dr Debbie Watson. Photo by Trudy Simpkin.


Dr Debbie Watson works in the School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience at UOW, focusing on immunology, genetics and transplantation, as well as graft-versus-host disease. Her IHMRI research team includes PhD candidates Nicholas Geraghty, Sam Adhikary and Peter Cuthbertson, as…

Associate Professor Todd Mitchell


Associate Professor Todd Mitchell is an ARC Future Fellow who works in the School of Medicine at UOW, focusing on lipidomics, vision science and ageing. His research team includes PhD candidates Jo Ann Seng, Nicholas Martin and Ayedh Alqarni, as…