Neuroscientist Dr Jiamei Lian


Dr Jiamei Lian works in the Centre for Translational Neuroscience at UOW. Her research focuses on neuroscience, antipsychotic drugs and metabolic disorders. Her IHMRI research team includes Masters student, James Hodgson.

Associate Professor Karen Walton


Associate Professor Karen Walton works in the Smart Food Centre at UOW, focusing on nutrition support for older adults, food service systems, as well as cognition and mental health. Her research team includes PhD candidates Priya Iyer, Emily Hazzard, Kay…

Anna Sidis


Dr Anna Sidis is the Team Coordinator of the Child, Adolescent and Youth Mental Health Service at the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District. Her research interests include the mental health care of adolescents and young adults.

Associate Professor Sibylle Schwab


Associate Professor Sibylle Schwab works in UOW's School of Medicine. Her research focus is biochemistry and cell biology, genetics and schizophrenia.

Dr Michelle Townsend


Dr Michelle Townsend is a Research Fellow in UOW's Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders and works in the School of Psychology. Her research interests are mental health, personality disorders, maternal health, child development and trauma.

Dr Judy Pickard. Photo supplied.


Dr Judy Pickard is a Clinical Psychologist who works as a lecturer in UOW's School of Psychology. Her research interests are mindfulness, attachment theory and complex mental health disorders.

Dr Briony Larance. Photo by Paul Jones.


Dr Briony Larance is a Senior Research Fellow in UOW's School of Psychology. Her research interests are substance use disorders and treatment, people who inject drugs and the use and extra-medical use of pharmaceutical opioids.

Dr Susan Thomas


Dr Sanjeev Taneja works in the Neurology Department at Wollongong Hospital. His research interests are movement disorders, neuropharmacology and chemical neurodenervation.

Dr Susan Thomas


Dr Geoffrey Murray is Director of Rehabilitation Services within the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District. His research interests are falls and fracture prevention in the elderly, opioid dependence in people with chronic pain, as well as driving capability of people…

Dr Susan Thomas


Dr David Reid is the Drug and Alcohol Service Director of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District. His research focus is the use of electronic medical records and the impact on clinical outcomes, and the management of alcohol dependence in…