Dr Michelle Townsend


Dr Michelle Townsend is a Research Fellow in UOW's Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders and works in the School of Psychology. Her research interests are mental health, personality disorders, maternal health, child development and trauma.

Dr Judy Pickard. Photo supplied.


Dr Judy Pickard is a Clinical Psychologist who works as a lecturer in UOW's School of Psychology. Her research interests are mindfulness, attachment theory and complex mental health disorders.

Dr Simon Brown


Dr Simon Brown works as a Customer Solutions Expert / Molecular Horizons Cryo-EMCryo electron microscopy. His research interests include Cryo electron microscopy; Protein structure and function and High performance computing. Dr Brown's research team includes PhD candidates, Claudia Kielkopf and…

Kelly Marriott-Statham


Kelly Marriott-Statham is a registered nurse and a lecturer in UOW's School of Nursing. She is completing her PhD through the Queen Margaret University in the United Kingdom. Her research interests are person-centred pratice, older people and nursing.

Dr Briony Larance. Photo by Paul Jones.


Dr Briony Larance is a Senior Research Fellow in UOW's School of Psychology. Her research interests are substance use disorders and treatment, people who inject drugs and the use and extra-medical use of pharmaceutical opioids.

Dr Teresa Treweek


Dr Teresa Treweek works in the School of Medicine at UOW. Her research focuses on protein aggregation, neurodegenerative diseases, heat stress response, as well as protein structure and function.

Associate Professor Anthony Dosseto. Photo by Paul Jones.


Professor Anthony Dosseto is the founder of the Wollongong Isotope Geochronology Laboratory at UOW. His research interests are isotope geochemistry and metallomics, nephrology and neurodegenerative diseases.

Associate Professor Stephen Palmisano


Associate Professor Stephen Palmisano is Director of UOW's Early Career Research, Engagement and Development. His research focus is control of self-motion, stereoscopic perception and motion sickness.

Associate Professor Paul Stapley


Professor Paul Stapley is the Controller of UOW's Neural Control of Movement Laboratory. His research focus is balance, posture and movement coordination, dementia, exercise science and rehabilitation.

Dr Vida Bliokas


Associate Professor Vida Bliokis works in the School of Psychology at UOW. Her research focus is rehabilitation psychology, neuropsychology and aged care, mental health and suicide prevention.