Professor Evangelos Pappas


Professor Pappas's research interests are in the areas of sports medicine, biomechanics and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Specifically, he does research in the aetiology, prevention and treatment of athletic knee injuries such as those involving the anterior cruciate ligament.

Dr Katharina Kariippanon


Dr Katharina Kariippanon works at the University of Wollongong with School of Health and Society, Early Start. Her research focus is on child and movement behaviours, health and development and Adolescent school based movement and learning.

Professor Lisa Smithers


Professor Lisa Smithers is an epidemiologist whose research mostly encompasses perinatal health, child development and healthy diets for infants, children and pregnancy women. Her work extends to clinical trials in hospital and community settings, systematic reviews, and research to inform…

Professor Simon Eckermann


Professor Eckermann is a Senior Professor of Health Economics at the University of Wollongong. He is internationally recognised for developing robust evidence synthesis Net Benefit Correspondence Theorem (NBCT) and Value of Information (Vol) methods and principles for optimizing joint research,…

Dr Karen Tonge


Dr Karen Tonge is a lecturer in Early Start at the University of Wollongong. Her research interests include Children’s and educators’ health and wellbeing in early childhood education and care; Children (birth-5years) physical activity and sedentary behaviour; and Environmental influences…

Dr Rachel Jones


Dr Rachel Jones is a Senior Lecturer with the UOW School of Education (Early Start Research). Her research interests include Children's health, wellbeing and child development; Prevention and intervention trials to improve young childrens health and wellbeing; and Professional development…


Dr Myrto Mavilidi is Research Fellow within UOW's Early Start. Her research interests include physical activity, cognitive development and mental health in children.


Lilliana Barone is a Clinical Lead Aged Care at Wollongong Hospital. Her research interests include Nutrition and the older person, Nutrition and Dementia, translational research and patient centred care.


Shellie Mason is a Clinical Lead Dietitian Aged Care at Wollongong Hospital. Her research interests include Nutrition and the older person, Nutrition and Dementia and Translational research and patient centred care.

Professor Robert Moses OAM

Moses OAM

Professor Robert Moses OAM is the Director of Diabetes Services at ISLHD. His research interests include diabetes, gestational diabetes and epidemiology.