Dr Geoff Melville


Dr Geoff Melville is a Lecturer in UOW's School of Medicine. His research interests are exercise in stroke survivors, D-aspartic acid supplementation, as well as yoga and meditation and the stress response.

Dr Jonathan Shemmell


Dr Jonathan Shemmell works in the School of Medicine at UOW. He researches human neurophysiology, biomechanics and stroke rehabilitation. His IHMRI research team includes Research Assistant Caitlin Arpel and Honour student Cassandra Russell.

Dr Colin Cortie


Dr Colin Cortie works in UOW's School of Medicine. His research interests are lipid and fatty acid metabolism, mental health (aggressive behaviour) and ageing.

James Brinton


James Brinton is a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Surgery at Wollongong Hospital within the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District. His research interests are clinical practice.

Dr Pippa Burns. Photo by Paul Jones.


Dr Pippa Burns works in the Research and Critical Analysis Team in UOW's School of Medicine. Her research interests are health literacy and delirium, medication misadventure and dementia.