Associate Professsor Danielle Skropeta


Associate Professor Danielle Skropeta works UOW's School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience, Molecular Horizons. Her research focuses on medicinal chemistry, enzyme inhibitors and anti-cancer agents. Her research team includes Postdoc researcher Dr Nirali Kumar, as well as PhD candidates, Andrew…

Dr Daniel Brungs. Photo by James Grabowski.


Dr Daniel Brungs is an Oncologist at the Illawarra Cancer Care Centre and a Clinical Research Fellow at IHMRI. His research interests are oncology, molecular biology and clinical epidemiology. His IHMRI research team includes Associate Research Fellow, Dr Ann-Katrin Piper.

Dr Andrew Miller


Clinical Professor Dr Alexis Andrew Miller is a Radiation Oncologist in the Illawarra Cancer Care Centre at Wollongong Hospital. His research focus is radiation oncology, clinical databases and informatics, as well as clinical nutrition informatics.

Associate Professor Kosta Konstantinov


Associate Professor Kosta Konstantinov works in the Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials at UOW, focusing on bioceramics, nanomaterials, and theranostic systems for cancer and neurodegenerative treatment. His research team includes PhD candidates Kathrin Bogusz, Malgorazata Zuchora and Dean Cardillo.

Dr Vitor Sencadas


Dr Vitor Sencadas is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mechanical, Materials & Mechatronics Engineering at UOW. His research interests are biomedical materials for tissue engineering, controlled drug release systems and polymer composites for cancer therapies.

Dr Stephanie Corde


Dr Stephanie Corde is Deputy Director of Radiation Oncology Medical Physics at Prince of Wales Hospital and a Senior Honorary Fellow at UOW. Her research focus is radiation therapy and dosimetry, nanoparticles and radiobiology.

Emeritus Professor John Bremner


Emeritus Professor John Bremner is from UOW's School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience and focuses medicinal chemistry, synthetic heterocyclic chemistry and natural products chemistry.

Dr Moira Stephens


Dr Moira Stephens works in UOW's School of Nursing. Her research focus is illness experience, chronicity and chronic disease, cancer and haematology nursing and illness experience, social media and illness experience, teaching and learning, and qualitative research.

Dr Moeava Tehei


Dr Moeava Tehei works in the Centre for Medical Radiation Physics at UOW, focusing on targeted nano-therapies, cancer treatments and radiation therapy. Other IHMRI affiliated researchers on his research team includes PhD candidate Matt Westlake, Masters student Alice O'Keefe, as…

Associate Professor Marco Petasecca


Associate Professor Marco Petasecca works in the Centre for Medical Radiation Physics at UOW, focusing on radiation dosimetry instrumentation, silicon and organic electronics, and small field dosimetry. His research team includes PhD candidates Matthew Newall and Sultan Alhujaili.