Dr Lauren Bell


Dr Lauren Bell's Research focus:  Brain cancer treatments can cause inflammation that looks similar to cancer progression on routine MRI imaging. Radiomics analysis of multi-parametric MRI will look for buried imaging features to help identify treatment response. This, combined with…

Associate Professor Darren Saunders


Associate Professor Darren Saunders studies fundamental mechanisms of protein homeostasis, metabolism and cell signalling in cancer and neurodegeneration, using systematic approaches to understand disease. We have identified new therapeutic strategies targeting metabolism in breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancer, and our…

Professor Simon Eckermann


Professor Eckermann is a Senior Professor of Health Economics at the University of Wollongong. He is internationally recognised for developing robust evidence synthesis Net Benefit Correspondence Theorem (NBCT) and Value of Information (Vol) methods and principles for optimizing joint research,…

Professor Helen Blanchard FRSC

Blanchard FRSC

Professor Helen Blanchard works at the University of Wollongong as Head of School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience. Her research interests include Structural glycoscience; Design of cancer therapeutics; and Structure based drug designs of antivirals.

Dr Asma Naveed


Dr Asma Naveed is a Histopathologist at Southern IML and Wollongong Hospital. Her research interests include the microenvironment of gastic / pancreatic carcinoma and factors affecting immune therapy in these malignancies; cancer stem cell markers as prognostic tools in gastroesophageal…

Dr Alok Gupta


Dr Alok Gupta is a Consultant Radiologist and Director at WD Imaging Group. His research interests include Neuroradiology including neuro-degenerative disorders; Oncology and breast imaging; Sports injuries and pain management.

Associate Professor Joel Rhee


Joel Rhee is an Associate Professor of General Practice at the University of Wollongong and a practising GP. His research is focused on improving end-of-life care in the community and improving cancer care for vulnerable groups including elderly patients, people…

Dr Takako Yabe


Dr Takako Eva Yabe is a head and neck fellow at Wollongong Hospital. Her research interests include Head and neck cancer, Surgical oncology and Translational research.

Dr Steven Craig


Dr Steven Craig is a general surgeon, sub-specialising in endocrine surgery and surgical oncology. He sees patients at his Nowra or Milton locations, operating at Wollongong Private Hospital, Nowra Private Hospital, Wollongong Hospital and Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital. His research…