Dr Daniel Brungs, Professor Marie Ranson, Clinical Professor Morteza Aghmesheh and Dr Martin Carolan.

A Biobank of tumour tissue samples is continuing to aid IHMRI researchers in the fight against cancer

Patients in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven have donated more than 20,000 samples over the past five years to help local research into better cancer treatments.

Oncologist and Clinical Research Fellow, Dr Daniel Brungs, is one of the IHMRI researchers utilising the Biobank to improve treatments for stomach and oesophageal cancers. 

Working at the Illawarra Cancer Care Centre and IHMRI, Dr Brungs is analysing patient samples collected in collaboration with the CONCERT Biobank.

Dr Daniel Brungs

Dr Daniel Brungs

He has found new markers in the cancer tissue and blood samples which help to identify patients with more aggressive cancers who need extra treatment.

“Stomach cancer is a very aggressive and highly lethal cancer which often presents too late for curative surgery. My research is aimed at improving the way patients with gastric cancer are treated,” said Dr Brungs

As part of his research, Dr Brungs is also growing patient’s cancer cells, isolated from blood samples to test new treatments.

“To do this research effectively we need samples from patients so we can investigate the mechanisms of how cancer spreads through the body. The CONCERT Biobank is a critically important tool for cancer researchers. I am very grateful to all the patients who have donated specimens so we can continue to try to find a cure for cancer,” added Dr Brungs.

The CONCERT Biobank relies on funding through Cancer institute NSW and generous donations. For more information on the great work the CONCERT Biobank is doing and to learn more, visit the website www.biobank.inghaminstitute.org.au.

To read more about CONCERT visit concert.org.au.

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Top picture: IHMRI cancer researchers at the Centre for Oncology and Education Research Translation (CONCERT) Workshop on 5 October: Dr Daniel Brungs, Professor Marie Ranson, Clinical Professor Morteza Aghmesheh and Clinical Professor Martin Carolan. Photo by James Grabowski.


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