New academics present research

On October 16, ten of the University of Wollongong’s newest professors presented a short talk about their work to both entertain and inform the audience. Six of the professors who presented are IHMRI affiliates and IHMRI was proud to see them present their work at this fantastic UOW event.

Over 600 guests were treated to interactive research stalls in the foyer of the Main Hall, to allow them to get up-close and personal with new equipment and technologies at UOW and speak with researchers. IHMRI’s stall featured:

  • Tasters of the pureed Queen Garnet Plum juice which Professor Karen Charlton and her team are using in a clinical trial around hypertension and cognition
  • 3D print model of a normal protein and 3D print model of an abnormal protein so guests could see the difference presented by Professor Justin Yerbury’s team.
  • A video describing how cells respond to stress and how cell stressors, in particular, the stress of aging could play an important role in the diseases researched by Professor Heath Ecroyd.
  • Display of an age simulation suit whose use is being researched by Alera Bowden, under the supervision of Professor Victoria Traynor to investigate if nursing staff trying on the suit, increase empathy toward their patients. .

Overall the night was a huge success with robust conversations about research, live music, entertainment, food and drinks and an opportunity for the community to see first hand, the fantastic work taking place at IHMRI and UOW.


Thomas Astell-Burt:  “Health grows on trees” IHMRI affiliated Marijka Batterham:  “Using Data mining to help people lose weight” IHMRI affiliated Millicent Chang: “Finding financial literacy to understand superannuation” Karen Charlton: “The Colour Purple: Foods for Better Brain Health” IHMRI affiliated Heath Ecroyd: “Harnessing stress to fight neurodegenerative diseases” IHMRI affiliated Theo Farrell: “Talking to the Taliban: The Path to Peace in Afghanistan” Michael Higgins: “Decoding human cell communication with artificial materials” Sarah O’Shea: “Educating the masses: Higher Education Access for All?” Victoria Traynor: “Clarifying the confusion: Empowering nurses to detect delirium among older people” IHMRI affiliated Justin Yerbury: “An Infectious Idea: How protein folding drives MND progression” IHMRI affiliated

You can read more about the event here


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Top photo: Big Ideas Festival speakers. Photo by Paul Jones.

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