Gain a competitive advantage

In an increasingly competitive funding environment for health and medical research, it is important that any grant applications or proposals are professional, clearly expressed and error-free.

To give affiliated researchers their best chance at success, IHMRI provides a range of research development services.

The services are provided by a highly experienced research development team with in depth knowledge of grant application processes, including local, national and international opportunities.

The Research Development Team is always happy to discuss funding needs and develop funding strategies with our researchers.

Services available

Researchers may request assistance for the review, development, writing and/or editing of grant proposals, reports and other documents. 

Preference for assistance is given to requests for:

Researchers may also receive assistance with commercialisation opportunities.

The IHMRI Research Development Team takes an iterative approach, with a continual dialogue with key stakeholders.

IHMRI affiliated researchers can access more details information on IHMRI’s Intranet.


Research Development Manager

Dr Richard Brown, PhD MBA

T: +61 2 4221 4240



Research Development Coordinator

Dr Jean Marshall, PhD

T: + 61 2 4298 1213



Research Development Administrator

Janine Tehovnik

T: +61 2 4221 8163